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The Subscription Management Service For Rapid Product Development. You focus on your process, we manage the fiddly parts! Built for the IOT Generation. Serial / Tracking keys made easy.

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With no special knowledge or skills required, it's the quickest way to get a taste of what KeyServ is all about! Cross-platform: supports Windows, Mac & Linux DOWNLOAD HERE to get started! NB: Requires .Net Core 3.1 which is bundled for convenience. Linux users may want to read this.


Each case is unique. Select an appropriate subscription for any application. We don't collect any private information from your apps, your client's data stays your data.


Our blazingly-super-charged (did we say fast?) request handlers, crafted rock-solid JSON API & baby footprint. You can rest assured our frontend has your backend.


Why not start out with a free account & take her for a spin, no obligation, no hidden fees, no risk. When you're a big boy- you might consider a bigger package.